The Charter of Health Freedom

“Freedom is not Free.”

As the growing popularity of Natural Health Products (NHPs) can testify there is a great need for NHPs to be properly protected and safeguarded from future regulations which would seek to have them rendered ineffective.

One such safeguard that could be passed into Law is the insightfully written Charter of Health Freedom created by Constitutional Lawyer Shawn Buckley, for us in the Natural Health Care Field, Shawn is the best in the biz.

His track record for successfully defending the right of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and natural health care providers to have access to the most effective Natural Health Products is second to none.

With the federal election fast approaching now is the time to call attention to this important document to see it passed into Canadian Law.

No other document more thoroughly details how Natural Health Care can be protected yet so many in our field remain wholly unaware of it. This is surprising considering the desirability of NHPs to remain available at therapeutic dosages.

The Vitamins are not Drugs Campaign

Crucial to our ability to serve our patients, clients and customers effectively is our access to NHPs of high therapeutic value. If the proposed changes to the self-care framework are put into force much of the variety of choice Canadians now enjoy will vanish.

The Vitamins Are Not Drugs Campaign is designed to wake up our MPs when they are paying the most attention – just before elections.

If we lose access to NHPs it will severely restrict our scope of practice as it has done elsewhere in the world (In Europe many NHPs are listed as drugs and some require medical prescription).

Chapter 9: The Ministry of Wellness

If you have not yet had the opportunity to review the Charter of Health Freedom I highly recommend that you do so and to pay particular attention to Chapter 9: The Ministry of Wellness. As Shawn details in his excellent video (link below), this section alone would safeguard and improve access to NHPs and do much to prevent the conflict of interest that runs rampant at Health Canada:

The Petition

To create a tipping point and move the Charter into Canadian Law a petition has been created that can be downloaded here

  1. Get 25 Signatures
    That’s all you need to make one petition count. Watch so all the right information is entered. Don’t’ sign it twice!
  2. Mail the Original Petition to NHPPA Headquarters:
    5070 Fountain Street, North Breslau, Ontario
    N0B 1M0

To better appreciate the limitations that the new self-care framework would bring about and to understand the model that such a framework seeks to duplicate please see the European example and have a look at the following links:

Are Draconian Limits on Vitamins Coming to the US?

NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS UNDER THREAT: Health Canada to Update Regulations

Keep taking action and eventually we can create a shift for the benefit of all Canadians.

Yours in Health,

Amanda Burke, CNP
Certified Holistic Nutritionist