Naka Platinum Pro Osteo: Brittle Bones?

As we age there is an increased risk of bone fractures and breaks due to low bone density. For women especially this means that we are on the lookout for the right bone building formula but with so many to choose from its often difficult to find where to start. When searching your local boutique retailers’ shelves it is helpful to ask a few questions to arrive at the right bone supplement for you.

Here is an easy guideline to work with:

Does this formula include collagen?

  • Surprisingly, the vast majority of bone supplements out there ignore the importance of collagen in building strong bones. Did you know that 90% of your bone matrix is made, not of minerals, but of collagen?

If your formula does include collagen, what is the source?

  • There are essentially 4 sources to choose from: porcine, chicken, marine and bovine. When it comes to collagen for the purposes of bone building bovine is the best. Ideally you want to look for Bovine Collagen that is from grass-fed cows, that were not fed any steroid hormones or antibiotics (it will say Certified Hormone + Antibiotic Free on the label if it meets this standard). Finally, not all Bovine Collagens that meet these criteria will also be a clinically proven ingredient that is backed by independent studies. You want to have a product that is as bioavailable as possible and has the clinical data to back up its claims. Peptan™ is a unique patented hydrolyzed collagen that is easy to absorb and has multiple clinical studies proving its ability to promote collagen synthesis in the bone.

Is this formula easy to absorb?

  • Again, when it comes to the majority of what is out there you will mostly come across large tablets or capsules which aim to cram as much nutrition as possible into the largest vessel they can find. This is where liquids and powders can be of extreme value. You can add them to juices or smoothies with relative ease and you usually can get your recommended dosages in just 1 tablespoon or 1 scoop of powder. This is a huge relief to those of us swallowing 4-8 capsules or tablets a day and often missing a day or two in between due to the discomfort of that.

Are all my minerals accounted for?

  • When it comes to building bones you don’t just want calcium accounted for, you want to make sure your supplement has all the required co-factors which assist in the absorption of calcium and also the other minerals which form a strong foundation of healthy bone matrix. This means you are looking for a supplement which also includes, magnesium, zinc, silicon, boron, and from the vitamin world, vitamin D3.

Finding the right Bone Building formula for you does not need to be complicated and does not need to require swallowing a large amount of large-sized capsules or tablets. If you choose a product that is complete, and does not leave out collagen or the other key minerals you can expect to start building new healthy bone tissue right away. While every individual is unique, and you may want to consider additional lifestyle changes and look at finding the right hormone balance as well, Pro Osteo is a great addition to your supplement regimen that can add strength and vitality to your life. Pro Osteo would be recommended for any woman undergoing the change of life as estrogen levels have a large role to play in why bone density levels start to drop post-menopause. It is also a product that would be recommended if you want to speed recovery from broken bones and other injuries to bone tissue.

Because Naka is dedicated to keeping the small, independent boutique retailer thriving, you can find Naka Platinum Pro Osteo at independent boutique health food stores across Canada. By shopping at local, independent boutique health food stores, you will find unique products like Naka Platinum Pro Osteo that simply cannot be purchased in mass market stores such as Costco, Walmart, Loblaws, or Superstore.

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By: Amanda Burke, CNP – Certified Holistic Nutritionist